My very first blog

Lady Franchesca here saying a big HEEELLLOOO FFFOOOLLLLKKSS!!! 🙂

I have taken interest in creating this blog for employment purposes but I can’t deny to myself that I also have a hidden interest in writing. I tell you, I’m no good at this. I’m just starting so bear with me. Just pretend you like what you’re reading even if you don’t. lol!

Well, to introduce myself, I am 26 years old and I’m single. Well, whatdayaknow! I am from the Philippines and has never been out of the country. Not even once! Poor me. But, I plan to travel — a lot — around the world (hopefully) and I’d love love love to see the London’s Eye and Big Ben. My boss is from London and he said he’d love to show me around the city. Yaay!  — when I get to really take a step in London.

Recentlly, I also have taken a BIG interest in making money. Haha I sound like a gold-digger! But I’m  not, trust me (lol).  Well, I want to become rich and be able to help people.  Bo Sanchez  — a Filipino financial guru — wrote on his site: http://www.bosanchez.ph, “Have you ever felt this pain of wanting to help others but you couldn’t?”. Yeah, I felt it. And it  really is a terrible feeling. How can you help others when you can’t even help yourself first? That’s why I made a decision to do whatever it takes, in God’s grace, to live in abundance so that I may help others easily.

Well, that’s it for now.  If you like my first post, feel free to like and share comments below. But if you don’t, uuuhhh share comments anyway (lol)! Your ideas and comments will surely help me improve.

Thanks folks! Bye for now!

Lady Franchesca


11 thoughts on “My very first blog

  1. nice one!!! imagine me hugging you hehe… ive always wanted to create my blog too but aint confident enough… you might wana give me some tips hehe… keep it up frans!


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