My Local World Youth Day Experience

I seemed to get a slight jealousy with people who are active in their local Youth groups. And I wondered if I can be like them one day. Let’s face it, when you get more mature, your priorities change. Responsibilities, Career, Money and.. just life overall. I can talk about this all day.

But enough with boring stuff so let’s move on. It seems this is a lucky year. Well, for me anyway. I get to be more active in the church, which I really love. And this year, I get to join the Local Word Youth Day celebration. Not gonna lie, I was very tired since we ran 5 kilometers earlier that day for a marathon. But that did not stop me and my friends from attending this once-every-three-years celebration.

It was held in The Cathedral Parish of St. Andrews in Parañaque and it is one of the oldest church in the Philippines.


So, me and my friends, Ryan and Guada went there late. Probably about 30 minutes late. We hurriedly went in to register and we were given this sort of passport. Then we climbed the stairs up to its gymnasium. They have already started the rosary and it’s already on the 5th mystery when we came in.

This year’s theme is “Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” and after explaining what it’s about, it was time to use our passport. I believe that was the highlight of it all. They invited delegates who had been on each of the World Youth Day celebration from 1995 (Manila) until 2013 (Rio). And we traveled from one delegate to another to hear their stories. Oh wait, now I realize why they call the celebration Journey of Mercy. Sorry, it took time to sink in. Told you, we were really tired that day.


It was so nice to hear their stories. From how they started with their Youth groups, how they were selected to be a delegates, how they struggled to get enough funds, what they did when they were there, and their common struggle of all — RICE.

Then it was the time to show respect and humility for Jesus who suffered and sacrificed himself to death for us.The Veneration of the Cross.

Photo by CBCP News

The celebration was concluded with a mass at the Cathedral. The priest, Rev. Fr. Rolando R. Agustín if I’m not mistaken, was totally on-point with his message to the youth.



It was all-in-all a great experience. I learned a lot, made some new friends, and it was really fulfilling to be part of it. I hope next time, I can join the Asian Youth Day, too. I should pray hard for it.

And oh, I took a video, too. Please watch and enjoy!


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