I have a new Youtube Channel!

Howdy guys!

I am very thrilled to announce that I HAVE A NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Yaaaaayyyy!!

Lady Franchesca





This has been an idea for quite some time now. And it took a while for my motivation to reach it’s peak considering I have less time (I have work) and resources (yet no money). Not to mention, the time it took to build up my courage and really do this.

Since I really love travelling, and of course — eating (I mean who doesn’t, right?), I thought it would be perfect to make my videos all about this. This channel will be showcasing the places and delicacies of the Philippines and hopefully, hopefully.. other places in Asia, too. I don’t know when that will happen but it is part of the plan. 😉

And as this is still a baby channel, I know there are a lot of room for improvements. So if you have any suggestions or comments on how we can make this more fun, please write them down below. I still lack some resources, but hey, we’ll get there eventually.

Watch the very first video I made for this channel:

Subscribe for more videos:

Thank you for tuning in. Live. Love. Laugh. and Get Lost. Byeeeee!



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