The longest river in Mindanao!


I may have mentioned this on my previous post already but I went home — in Agusan del Norte. And it is where the longest river in Mindanao is located.

We also did a few stops in the beaches of Tubay and Cabadbaran City. We did not really enjoy it much because of the weather but I was still glad I was with my friends.

Here’s me and my friend Alex doing the Asian pose:


Then the Agusan River, which is the third largest river basin of the Philippines with a total drainage area of 10,921 km² and an estimated length of 350 kilometers from its origin. The headwaters of the river is found in the mountains of Compostela Valley, near its border with Davao Oriental and east of  Tagum City. It flows through the wide Agusan River valley which measures 177 kilometers (110 mi) from south to north and varies from 32-48 kilometers (20–30 miles) in width.It finally drains into the Butuan Bay at its mouth in Butuan City. The river is also the third longest river in the Philippines and the longest in Mindanao. (from Wikipedia)

I also sailed the river through a pump boat. Other people I know get scared of riding it but to us, the people living in Magallanes, it is a day-to-day routine. It is the fastest and cheaper way to get to the city.

The water looks creamy yellow and it is how it normally looks but it actually is green and inviting when the sun is high up and the tide is high. It looks the prettiest during San Juan feast day.

You can see a better view of the place in this video. Check it out:

I’ll be sure to be back for more and show more exciting views about the place.

Till next week!



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