Food Adventure Failure – Vito Cruz

It was a Sunday afternoon and luck was definitely not on our side. Me and the Gorgeouses were up again for a Food Adventure and guess what, we were disappointed not once, but TWICE!

The places we went to and wanted to feature (Gokain Bistro and Raps Steak), much to our dismay were both closed! Good thing that we were still able to eat at Wai Ying Dimsum, another restaurant nearby which is opened. Well, to be honest, I should probably blame my lack of research for all this.

Gokain Bistro is a korean restaurant inside the University Mall, which is located along Taft Avenue, and is just near the De La Salle University and the Vito Cruz LRT Station. It caught me and my friends’ attention because, as it is situated near a school, the prizes are very student-friendly. As per the obviously-not-enough-research that I did, the owner opened it because he knew that there are a lot of Korean students nearby. When we got there, we found out that it is open only from Mondays to Saturdays, 10AM – 9PM.

Raps Steak, also close to the area, is a highly recommended restaurant by my friend. She had been there and said only good things about it so I was curious. I had no other information whatsoever about this restaurant yet (only that it serves good steaks) and was planning to do a little interview with the Owner or Manager once I get there. And viola!–  the place was also closed.

Lesson of this story, NEVER GO THERE ON SUNDAYS! Probably because these 2 restaurants are situated near a school, of course their target market would be students. And no students are around during Sundays. Why didn’t I think of that beforehand.

Being disappointed twice, and having to walk here and there, we had no energy to film when we get to Wai Ying Dimsum. I didn’t even care anymore. I just wanted to eat. And we did. Then we went home.

Here are the visuals of our mishaps:

Don’t worry guys, I will be back to both restaurants and will make sure to share my experiences with you.

Until then, goodbye! ♥♥♥

Lady Franchesca


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