Siargao Series 2/3 – Hill Climbing, Surfing, Island Hopping and Bar Hopping!

Yes, after that exhausting 2-day trip, we finally and officially started our Siargao tour experience.

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As soon as we woke up, we had some bread and coffee and started trekking the small hill at the back of the resort where we stayed in. Getting to the top of the hill was a bit challenging but once there, we saw the majority of the General Luna town — the sea, including two of the main attractions of Siargao (Daku and Guyam Islands), the church, the market and the neighboring houses. We just enjoyed the scenic view, took some pictures (okay, I mean maybe a LOT of selfies) and then headed back down to officially start our Island Hopping Tour.

We hopped in to our rented pump boat and we first went to the Naked Island. I heard some of the people jokingly asked, “Are there people running around naked in that island?”. Lol, no. It’s called the Naked island because no tress nor grasses can be found there. But I did find a few coconut sprouts while strolling the area. Given that the sea level will not rise enough to cover the entire island and kill the sprouts, then it would not be naked for long.

After taking pictures again (who could blame us, though), we hopped back in to our boat and went to our 2nd stop, the Daku Island. In Visayan term, “Daku” means big, which makes sense as to why the island was named like that because it was indeed bigger than the other 2 islands. I will introduce you the 3rd one later.

We rented a cottage as soon as we arrived. And while we took a breather, our boatman, which was also our Surfing trainer and a friend of ours, went to get our surfboards. Once he got them, he immediately taught us how to ride it, how to paddle and stand.

Once we got the idea,  we set off to the surfing spot where the beginners learn. Some of us were able to ride the wave, some were not able to stand in the surfboard, some were not able to balance, and some puked while waiting in the boat. Lol! Because the waves were rough, the boat kept swinging back and forth and that made the rest of them dizzy.

To be honest, the hardest part about surfing is not being able to stand and balance in the surfboard, it’s not the countless paddles which you have to do, it’s not waiting for the perfect wave, it’s not soaking under the raging sun for hours, BUT THE MUSCLE PAIN YOU GET NEXT DAY! So guys, drink Alaxan before you sleep. It will totally help.

Okay, back to our cottage. After having our lunch, we joined in to the foreigners who were playing beach volleyball. They didn’t look like they play volleyball very often, though. Which was perfect, because I am lame at volleyball. Really lame.

After resting, we set off to our last stop, the Guyam Island. It is tiny but it’s really a beautiful island. Just pay the Entrance Fee and you can stay as long and take as many pictures as you want.


After Guyam Island, we headed back home and cleaned ourselves up. And when we looked at lot fresher, we went to stroll around the dock at the Boulevard. Here are some of the pictures we took:

We then went to Harana Surf Resort to chill out after dinner. And it was amazing! What’s more cool is that their bucket of beers were not as expensive as I thought they would be.

Watch our 2nd day tour in live action here:

Okay, I know you had been waiting for this. Here is the breakdown of our expenses for the day:


Again, if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below. And watch out for my next post for our final day in Siargao.

See you next week! 😉

Lady Franchesca


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