Siargao Series 3/3 – World’s Most Beautiful Lagoon?!

Hello travel junkies!

I can’t believe this is already my last post about this Siargao series. Time sure flies. Thinking about how much fun I had makes me want to go back there exactly right now. Okay, enough with the chitchat, I know you have been waiting to know what we had been up to.

So the plan was to get to this amazing nature pool or lagoon and then stop by a cave on the way there. The total travel time by wheels I would say is probably about 2 hours. Of course it may vary depending on how slow or fast you drive.

And speaking of driving, it is a huge advantage if you know how to drive a motorbike or a scooter. That’s because in Siargao, there are not many public transportations offered. I think maybe because the locals doesn’t need to commute since most of them have their own motorbikes anyway.  You can rent one for 24 hours and it can get you anywhere in the island with no hassle. And that’s exactly what we did.


After having our humble breakfast, we took off and went to TAYANGBAN CAVE POOL. Based on what I know, it has not been long since the place was opened to the public. Apparently, it is a cave with a deep natural well or sinkhole which was formed by the collapsed limestone which then exposed the ground water underneath.

If you go there only to swim and enjoy the scenery,  you should only pay for an Entrance Fee of Php20. However, if you’re feeling a little more adventurous and wants to explore the cave, the Entrance Fee will be Php70. There are several guides to assist you and you don’t have to pay them at all. But if you are feeling thankful, feel free to give them a tip.

There are 2 routes inside the cave. One for Beginners and one for Advanced. As it is a cave with water inside, it is a cave pool after all, the advanced route will require you to swim as there will be instances where you will have no rock to step on during the journey.

There were 6 of us (excluding the guides) who went inside and half of the population didn’t know how to swim.  Guada, Jem and Jo went for the Beginner’s route, while me, Ryan and my friend Clong went for the Advanced. It was a truly unique experience which you will only realize once you have done it yourself.

After that much struggle and almost getting cut by the sharp rocks inside the cave, we finally made it out. If you know how to swim, I recommend you go for the Advanced route. It was definitely more fun.

After lunch, we jumped back in to our motorbikes and went straight to MAGPUPUNGKO TIDAL FLATS AND LAGOON. I tell you, this place is always the highlight of my trip whenever I visit Siargao. Yes, it is that beautiful. You may have to ask the locals regarding the low-tide time because you won’t be able to appreciate the place if the tide is up. And if the waves are too strong, you can still enjoy the beach area but the Management will not allow anyone in the lagoon.

Okay, so here is the breakdown of our expenses for this day:

Siargao Day 3 Expenses

We only rented 2 motorbikes because my father owns one and we also borrowed another one from a friend. This list also doesn’t include food but if you really want to save, you can buy food from market beforehand, look for carinderias and have the food cooked for you and spend only at least 50 pesos per meal per person.

And for visuals about this post again, you can watch this video:


So there you go!

Till next time,

Lady Franchesca






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