The First Yokocho in the Philippines

Yokocho literally means “alleyways off the main street” and includes the small pubs, bars and small restaurants that are found on these narrow streets — that was the concept that the Japanese Food Court in Victory Mall aimed for. And I think they did a pretty good job in doing so.

They are located just along the Redemptorist Road in Baclaran, Parañaque which I think is a perfect location due to the huge number of people coming in and out of this area. This place is just fairly new but I am hearing a lot about it already. And of course, the Gorgeouses and I dare not miss it. This time, we made sure it is open. 😉

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The Yokocho can be found in Victory Mall’s 4th floor and as soon as you reach almost the top of the escalator, you will automatically be greeted by everyone, and by everyone, I mean all the staff with a loud “Irashaimase!!”

Once you are there, you can then look for an available table, then browse through the available food stores. Each stores has their own unique food choices to offer so feel free to roam around.

The prices are affordable and as per the Manager, Jake — “I have a lot of friends in Japan who have their own restaurants. I invited them here in the Philippines and when they were here, they were surprised how pricey the Japanese foods here are. So we had a discussion and thought about working together and creating a Yokocho where the ingredients are affordable but with good and competitive quality”.


Not only the staff, but their Management are very accommodating. The owner, his wife and daughter, the Manager and the Head Chef have kindly given us a few of their time to take a picture with us! Which I find really humbling. I wish all restaurant Managers/Owners are like this.

And of course, I made a vlog about this too. Watch it here:


All the foods are delicious but I personally loved the Sukiyaki and the Sushi Set. Let me know if you have been there and what were your favorite foods, too. If you haven’t, let me know the foods you want to try so we can have a little exchanging of ideas. Please feel free to write them in the comment section below. 🙂

Until then,

Lady Franchesca



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